Thursday, June 30, 2005

My shoulder is okay. I went to the doctor-- she recommended bloodwork (all normal) and also referred me to a rheumatologist & gastroenterologist.

Sylvia (my mother-in-law): If you're reading this, you might want to stop now. I'm serious.

(She's an MD... no tolerance for those chiropractors, acupuncturists & other quacks... so I'm quite sure this story will disturb her)

Anyway, I ignored my doctor's recommendations, and went instead to my friendly neighborhood naturopath, who checked out my aura, evaluated my energy field by waving my arm around and prying my thumb and pinky apart while I held various potions, and determined I had a parasite... recommended the appropriate herbs and homeopathic remedies that she sells in her multi-level-marketing scheme (what's up with Mormons and multi-level-marketing, anyway?)... and I was on my way.

I haven't started taking the stuff yet (can't seem to remember to bring it in from my car)-- but my shoulder is 80% better anyway. I can use the equipment in my office. I can knit in short spurts. I have been working on the feesh sweater. I made up the neck shaping and the hood pattern as I went along-- totally just winging it, and hoping it comes out okay.

The picture doesn't show it, but this sweater is about twice the size of my kid... so I have a couple of years to rip & fix if it doesn't turn out just right.

We're off to Toronto tomorrow. I can't decide what knitting to bring. I could bring this sweater, and try to finish it... but finishing a sweater (especially when there's not a pattern) isn't really great social hang-out-with-the-family kind of knitting. I could bring Jonathan's second sock. But navy blue 2x2 ribbing is going to get VERY old after 5 days of nothing else, and I might be tempted to go out and buy yarn to start something new. Maybe I'll bring the sock, the sweater... and the Michael & Elana blanket. That should keep me busy, and out of Romni Wools...

Have a great Canada Day & 4th of July!


Wednesday, June 29, 2005

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I also picked up stitches & am working on the hood of the feesh sweater. The camera's at work to take pictures of the new office manager.


Friday, June 24, 2005

I finished the pouch on the feesh sweater... not bad, for only my 2nd attempt at intarsia.

I'm not sure how quickly I'll progress from here-- I may have to take a little break from knitting for a while. I went to the doctor's today because my shoulder is killing me. She was running a bit late, so I worked on my sock in the waiting room. (I had started the 2nd sock for Jonathan yesterday, while Sam was napping in the car, and have about an inch and a half done so far) Then, once I got in the exam room, I figured I had a few minutes, so I worked on it some more... I was mid-row when the doctor walked in. After she brightly asked, "Ooh, what are you making?" and we chatted about my knitting addiction for a few minutes, she asked what I thought was causing my shoulder pain. I told her I had no clue.


Monday, June 20, 2005

I had to take a break from the rambling rows. Too many squares (I just finished 28 of 55) and too much garter stitch. Must... purl... something...

So, in honor of Father's Day, I finished sock #1 of Jonathan's blue socks (formerly jw's decoy socks). I was ready to start sock #2, and realized the yarn was in the bedroom, where Sam was sleeping restlessly... so I picked up the Feesh Sweater instead.

I am not very good at intarsia. I've knitted one other intarsia project... and perhaps tomorrow I will take a picture of it, because I know right where it is-- in the cabinet of unfinished projects, where it has lived for the last 5 years at least... quite possibly more. It's just not my thing.

But I've evolved... and I wanted to make something special for Sam... and he loves "feesh"... and we saw this at Maryland Sheep & Wool, and I thought it was only a few little fish on the pouch, and how hard could it be. Well... I'm doing it. I'm not loving it... or even remotely enjoying it... but I am knitting it, and it doesn't look half bad, if I must say so myself.

Pretty neat, right? Ha. You should see the back side. Anyway, I'm getting ready to start the second fish... after a few hellish rows of working on both fish, it should be pretty smooth sailing. Once the pouch is done, the other minor challenge is figuring out how to put a hood on this (the pattern is written for a crew neck) but I think I'm up to it. Then perhaps I will be ready for more squares on the Rambling Rows.

By the way... if anyone knows what happened to the tiny adorable baby I used to have, please let me know. I think someone stole him from his crib, and replaced him with this large, conversational, active, yet equally adorable toddler. I'll keep the toddler-- I just wonder periodically what happened to the other one. It seems he was just here not that long ago.

Happy Belated Father's Day!


Thursday, June 16, 2005

I'm on square 25 of 55... it's looking good. I haven't had much time to knit the last few days-- way more than the usual helping of work drama.

Sam came outside in his pajamas and his brand new way-too-big sandals to help with my photo shoot this morning. He thought he could help by lending perspective, to help the blog reader better understand the actual size of the blanket so far. Actually, he said "Mommy, out!" but I knew what he was thinking.

I got an e-mail from my secret sock pal today... I think she missed the "secret" part... but that's okay. Kathy in Minneapolis, I'm glad you're my not-so-secret sock pal... I do like green... and I can't wait to get my socks in September! They will stay a surprise until then because I don't think she has a blog.

I checked out the blog of the person who I'll be knitting socks for... she says she likes bright and wild colors, so I'm thinking of knitting with this:

I want to find an interesting pattern... there has to be more out there for self-striping sock yarn than just... stripes. The ones I did for jw were cool, but it's too soon to do the same exact ones again, I think. I have lots of cool sock patterns, but many are written with solid colors in mind, and I don't know how they'd translate with the stripes. I have a few ideas... I may attempt a Bethany original design. I'm not starting just yet though... I'm still interested in the 4 projects I'm working on now.


Sunday, June 12, 2005

Moving right along...

I'm on square 21, of 55. I've been progressing pretty quickly. I got a lot done last night during "Meet the Fokkers" (funny... not as funny as everyone told me it was... maybe because I didn't see it in a theater full of giggling movie-goers, or maybe because I know that a signing baby is more practical than amusing.) The night before, I knitted all through "Closer". (I've always thought I would really enjoy a movie about peoples' lives where nothing exciting happens... turns out I didn't. Hmm... just checked the link, nominated for all sorts of stuff... oh well, I have bad taste, I guess.) I'm not sure how long I can keep working on this blanket and nothing else. Right now I'm enjoying it... but periodically it hits me that I haven't done a purl stitch since I got back from Colorado!

Sam has learned the word "yarn"... he says "nar" actually. It's pretty cute. He looks at my stash, and says "Mommy's Nar" I was trying to teach him "Y for Nar" on his alphabet puzzle today-- he already knows "A for Aryeh (his daycare buddy)"... "B for Tweet Tweet (birdie)"... "C for Cat"... "D for Daddy"... "M for Mommy" and "S for 'Nam'" Today, he surprised me with "G for Grandpa." Yep, my dad babysat for 5 hours this morning, and tonight Sam picks up the G and says "G for Grandpa." Guess they practiced just a little bit. He's a pretty funny baby. He and I have a bonus day off tomorrow. His daycare is closed for Shavuot, and I took the day off rather than hiring a babysitter. I'm looking forward to hanging out with my little bug.


Thursday, June 09, 2005

Sue and I went to the 50% Off Sale at The Woolly Lamb today.

Oh wait... that's not what I bought. That was my stash overflowing on to my chair before today's trip-- mostly stuff from Recycled Lamb in Colorado.

But today is all about The Woolly Lamb. The sale was pretty overwhelmingly awesome. There were a lot of people there, with cute pink and black bags full of yarn. They really meant it when they said everything was on sale. Their shelves were stocked... winter stuff, summer stuff, and everything in between. There were lots of skeins in the same dye lots. We walked around in awe for a bit before getting down to the serious business of buying.

We hit the sock yarn section first. I think I bought 5 pairs worth... maybe 6. It was just so cheap, it seemed crazy to not buy anything that I liked. I also bought a bunch of Plymouth Sunsette yarn that would be appropriate for baby wear. That is something that my stash was actually lacking-- nice-feeling machine-washable yarn that can be quickly whipped up into a baby project. I bought enough for a toddler sweater in 3 different colors.

I also bought some Dalegarn Svale in a really pretty sage green shade. I love the feel of it-- I think there were 6 skeins left in the color, so I bought them all. I'm not sure what they will end up being. In general, I bought mostly basic stuff that I know will get used eventually-- but they had Manos ($6.75 a skein!!!), all kinds of cashmere, and lots of really nice things. I may have to go back on Saturday.

By the way, we kind of asked... and it seems that they just have tons and tons of yarn, and need to make room for the fall and winter stuff that's coming in. The store is only two years old, so they may have misjudged the amount they would sell, or maybe they overbought the new stuff... but either way, it doesn't sound like they're going out of business or anything like that. Whew! (Although if they did, it's not like I'm running out of yarn any time soon.)

Apparently, I bought enough yarn, that Sam spent quite a long time playing the game of spilling everything out and then putting it all back in the bag... and then repeating multiple times. It was cute, until I started trying to take a picture, and then it was not so cute.

As much as I want to cast on projects using ALL of the yarn I bought... I have 4 current projects on the needles, and will be very disciplined and work on those first-- at least for tonight.

Here's the Rambling Rows blanket progress.

I am not buying any more yarn for a very long time (not counting Saturday).


Tuesday, June 07, 2005

I've been knitting a lot on the blanket, and not much else. It is addictive... well, I'll just do one more square... okay, the next one's a little one... okay just one more square.

Woolly Lamb's 50% off sale started today. Sue and I were thinking of getting there for the opening bell, but in a moment of lunacy, I decided that I needed to be at the office today. It was really busy at work-- our first few days back from vacation, Kiesha was out, and Colleen the new office manager started yesterday... but I can't help but think of all the yarn I'd have now if we had camped out on the sidewalk in front of the store last night. We might have even made the local news, especially if we dressed up as Darth Vader or something to do it. Anyway, Sue and Sam and I are planning to go on Thursday. Carriellen will go Saturday, and being the good friend that I am, I wouldn't want her to have to go all alone, so I suppose I will just selflessly have to go back.

We are a bit concerned that a "50% off all yarn" sale might mean the store is in trouble... I really hope not. As a small business owner myself, I understand the challenges of owning a business... so I will selflessly spend a lot of money on a lot of yarn... y'know, just to help them out.

Anyone buying this?


Saturday, June 04, 2005

I've been kind of overwhelmed with the idea of a major catch-up post... so here is the short version.

Colorado was wonderful. It was great to be away from work, and have an entire week to spend together as a family. The scenery was gorgeous. We saw online optometry friends for a few days. Sam loved playing with their daughter, Beth. We hiked. We biked. We ate good veggie food. The place we stayed (Grand Timber Lodge) was awesome. Our room (condo, really) had a bedroom, living room, dining room, large bathroom with hot tub, fireplace. We were the first people to ever stay in that room. Sam loved the "neysh room", the pool, and the balcony. The highlight of the trip for him, though, was throwing rocks into the water, which we did all over Breckenridge.

We stopped at Showers of Flowers on the way from Denver to Breckenridge. I was disappointed. It was a HUGE store-- but they had a lot of acrylic-y and one-ball-scarf-y kind of stuff... and the altitude was starting to affect me, and I bought nothing.

I had lots of knitting time in Breckenridge. I finished one of "jw's socks" (more later)... and also finished the back of the cardigan I'm making from the yarn I bought at MDS&W. Eek! Needed more projects!

There is not a decent yarn store in Breckenridge. There should be. I almost had to retire and start one... but I didn't. I did go into "Tea Time Quilting" because they had "yarn" advertised on their sign. They had a very small selection of yarn, but they just happened to have exactly the yarn I was looking for, which was Dale Baby Ull, in the exact colors of Elana and Michael's baby nursery.

Elana & Michael are our friends from optometry school. They are waiting to adopt a baby. I don't talk to Elana as much as I used to-- but this has not been an easy road for them, and I wanted to make something special for them and the baby, once it arrives. I've been anxious to start it, and start the knitting energy flowing in their direction. A while back, they painted the baby's nursery-- bright rainbowy kind of colors, in a very geometric pattern. I asked Elana to send me paint swatches, which she did... so this Baby Ull matches 5 of the 6 colors of the nursery (I left out pink, in case they get a boy.)

I couldn't imagine what pattern I would find-- it's hard to find knitted blanket patterns that incorporate a lot of colors in a cool geometric way.

On the way from Breckenridge back to Denver, we stopped at The Recycled Lamb. As their website advertises, they were so incredibly nice and helpful and pleasant and wonderful. They had a great selection of yarns. They suggested the Rambling Rows afghan which I had not seen before. I bought that pattern, among other things. Here are the pictures of their nursery. I think this blanket will look great in there. Here's my progress so far.

On "jw's socks"... those blue 2x2 ribbed numbers... all a hoax. Yep, you've been bamboozled. I wanted her socks to be a surprise. So while I've been blogging about these boring navy blue socks, I was secretly knitting these:

I mailed them off to jw with some other little goodies so that they'd arrive while I was away. Surprise jw!!! (Now send me those stitch markers!)

I came home to the course list from Stitches East... and a postcard notifying me of a 50% off sale at the Woolly Lamb!!! Have I mentioned that I love knitting??? Ah... good to be back.


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