Wednesday, September 05, 2007

For a change of pace, I thought I would showcase the work of my knitting friends! Sue & Carriellen both made sweaters for Miss Tali, and they are simply too cute not to share.

This is Carriellen's:

She can probably chime in with the pattern details etc... all I know is that it's too cute & I'm so excited for Tali to wear it this winter!

And here is the sweater from Sue "I don't need a gauge swatch" Kent-- a tad large for Tali, so it is being modeled (Jay-- modelled?) by our friend Katie, who is turning 2 perhaps today.

I know it's a Lion Brand pattern-- Sue can you give the rest of the details? It is absolutely adorable, and I am planning to use it as a jacket-type sweater for Tali next winter (ack! will my kid get that big?) so that she can wear it all the time!

I might have to make a sweater for Tali as well.

AND, in office-related excitement, we had a new doctor start today! She is going to work only a day a week for now, and will hopefully be on board as a part-time associate this spring! The best part? She's pregnant, and I can knit something for her baby too!

Gotta get clicking...


Monday, September 03, 2007

So I never got to tell y'all about our trip to Toronto.

It feels like months have gone by, but I think it was about 2 weeks ago that we all went up to Jonathan's mom's for a week in Toronto. It was nice-- historically, we always rush up and back over a long weekend, and never get much time to relax and see the city-- but this time, we had a longer trip, and got to really enjoy it.

As always, Sam loved being with his cousins...

Granny got some quality time with the kids...

We all enjoyed the local splash pads...

(Why do we not have these in the US?)

AND... there was time for knitting AND yarn shopping!

I had wanted to bring Baby Cashmerino for a hoodie for Tali, but in the last minute morning-of-leaving rush, I couldn't find the pattern... so I scrapped that & ended up bringing a few balls ofZara Plus, which was intended to be a Baby Yoda sweater-- probably for Almeera's baby. I did the back... and then decided to just make a simple little pullover, which I think turned out quite cute.

I think I have enough yarn left for a matching hat.

Also, although we did not make it to Romni Wools, I did get to see 3 other Toronto area yarn stores, which was really fun.

I am bad. I forgot the name of the first one & am too lazy to go downstairs to look at the shopping bag. I bought some Arucania Pomaire cotton in a very pretty colorway. The second was called Knit Or Knot-- this was a great store & I will definitely go back there on our next trip when I have more time to spend. I didn't buy anything, but definitely could have. And lastly, we were down in Kensington, and I had to stop by Lettuce Knit-- I didn't have much time either, but oh, the sock yarn. I bought some Tofutsies, which I have been anxious to try, and something with Seacell, which seems cool as well.


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