Saturday, January 31, 2004

We went to the knitting store on the way home from the chiropractor yesterday... so I got new needles & cast on for a sock when I got home. It's the simple sock pattern from "Socks Soar on Two Circular Needles". I'm not 100% sold on the two circular needles-- I'm finding them a little unwieldy... and I can't seem to get into a rhythm... but maybe you're not supposed to on socks. I don't know. I'll keep at it for a while & see how it goes. Anyway, here's the progress so far...


Friday, January 30, 2004

Ooh... I'm SO bad at secrets. I finished the gift for my secret pal & took pictures and everything. It's killing me not to post them!!! Everyone will be opening secret pal gifts on February 13th (our BOOBiversary)... so I'll post a picture then...

In the meantime, though... take a look at these prints.

What do you think has been walking around behind my house? The footprints are less than a foot from our bedroom & living room windows... eek. Whatever it is was walking RIGHT by the house.

And now... what do I start to knit next??? If I can get to Glenmarle Woolworks today for Addi Turbo needles (my new favorite thing), I think I will start new socks... If not, then it's Booga Bag #3!


Tuesday, January 27, 2004

Kiesha really liked the bag. I was so perplexed because it looked different than the first Booga Bag I had made. Jean pointed out that I had it purl side out. Hmmph. Once it was felted, I didn't even look... and she didn't notice this until after Kiesha already had the bag... so I can't change it now, and Kiesha liked it just the way it was... so it's fine. But very interesting.


I made some more good progress on my secret pal gift. I want to finish it by this weekend, so I can put it in the mail on Monday.

I think after that, I'm going to work on the bag with that Manos yarn, and I also want to start another pair of socks. I miss knitting socks! I'm going to do these on two circular needles.

I think I'm not going to do ThreadyBear-- I'm getting impatient waiting. I will try another hat or two to practice the technique, and then I'll just jump in and try a sweater.

I still want to do baby socks for Sam... and I think I'm going to rip out the baby bunting thing & make something else with that yarn... I know it's really pretty & everything, but I feel like I could make something more useful, and just as nice.


Sunday, January 25, 2004

I FINALLY felted the bag I had finished a week or two ago... it came out nice. It's drying now. I think I'll bring it in for Kiesha tomorrow or Tuesday to see if she likes the colors.

I am about 2/3 done on the gift for my secret pal. I'm liking it more & more as I go... although I don't know that I'd ever make another one.

I am thinking I am going to take out the cable scarf, and make a Booga bag with that Manos yarn after all... it is so pretty, but it will make a great bag!


Tuesday, January 20, 2004

So I've never had this dilemma before. I bought some Manos de Uruguay wool at Glenmarle Woolworks- I forget the official name of the color, but it is an awesome red-burgundy. The original intent was to make a Booga Bag for Kiesha. I started the bag, and the yarn was just too nice for the bag... like I felt bad that it was *only* going to be a bag, and not something more spectactular. So I ripped that out. I started a cabled scarf with it, but I don't know if that's nice enough either. The cable kind of thickens the wool & makes the scarf feel stiff... it looks pretty, but doesn't feel soft & drapey like a scarf should... plus, I don't think the 2 skeins I have will make a whole scarf. I'll do a few more inches and decide-- I've never had yarn so nice that I felt it deserved a beautiful project. I love it. The yarn for the secret pal gift should be in the mail today (considering I got a delivery confirmation notice Saturday)... I hope I like the project I picked out.

Gail reports that her cat loved the catnip mouse... I gave her one for Dave's cat (KittyBum?) and will give one to Jody tonight at stamp camp for Proutsy. Hopefully, Susan will bring the baby blanket she started at the Stitch & Chat... I can't wait to see her progress.

I have to figure out something to knit tomorrow on the train to & from the dentist!


Thursday, January 15, 2004

It's official. I have gone off the deep end.

Tonight I went to Sue's to get catnip to stuff the catnip mice. I stuffed the 2 mice I had made... and immediately gave them to Sue's cats, who LOVED them. They were having such a great time with the catnip mice... and it made me happy that I had made something that was bringing someone so much happiness (even if that someone was a cat). SO, once Sam pooped through his outfit, and I had no diapers at Sue's, I came home... got Sam cleaned up & off to bed, and promptly knit 2 more catnip mice AND cast on for a 3rd. Sue gave me the catnip to take home (Jonathan says "Is this pot?") so I can stuff them and have them ready to give!

Interestingly, Sue's cats ALL totally preferred the mouse I made from Kureyon over the acrylic/wool blend one... don't know how they know the difference, but they all did!

I have to keep telling myself that I will not buy expensive wool just to make cat toys.

I finished the I-cord for the 2nd Booga bag... so now the whole thing is done & ready for felting...

The minute I finished that, I started a catnip mouse with the leftover yarn... it was like I couldn't NOT be knitting something for even a minute, and had to do something right away! I am REALLY addicted again. I can't wait to start the next Booga bag with the Manos del Uruguay wool I bought today (still not sure if I'll give Kiesha the one I just finished or the new one), and to get the Noro Silk Garden that I ordered for my secret pal gift.

So I have the secret pal gift, the new Booga bag, Sam's baby socks (to match mine), and I also have yarn to do another pair of socks (this one will be on 2 circular needles)... plus ThreadyBear... and maybe just maybe I'll re-visit one of those unfinished projects in the cabinet... life is good.

And reading my last post-- I DID do the 2-color hat... very cool, and not that hard.

But before I forget, here's the picture of Sam in his 2-color hat!



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