Thursday, January 15, 2004

It's official. I have gone off the deep end.

Tonight I went to Sue's to get catnip to stuff the catnip mice. I stuffed the 2 mice I had made... and immediately gave them to Sue's cats, who LOVED them. They were having such a great time with the catnip mice... and it made me happy that I had made something that was bringing someone so much happiness (even if that someone was a cat). SO, once Sam pooped through his outfit, and I had no diapers at Sue's, I came home... got Sam cleaned up & off to bed, and promptly knit 2 more catnip mice AND cast on for a 3rd. Sue gave me the catnip to take home (Jonathan says "Is this pot?") so I can stuff them and have them ready to give!

Interestingly, Sue's cats ALL totally preferred the mouse I made from Kureyon over the acrylic/wool blend one... don't know how they know the difference, but they all did!

I have to keep telling myself that I will not buy expensive wool just to make cat toys.


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