Wednesday, June 30, 2004

So much for goal-oriented knitting. I did one triangle today... but I may get a little more knitting time before the day is out.

I did knit a little preemie hat while visiting Amy in the hospital-- since it's looking likely that she's going to be delivering soon & will be needing a preemie hat or two.

Here is the photo of the edging I worked on yesterday...

And for perspective, I added a small baby to the photo...

In other news, I went to Needles & Things in Belmar today. WHOA! This was without a doubt the most incredible selection of amazing yarn that I have ever seen in one place! I was in a rush today, but have to go back when I have some time to spend!

So the edging calls for me to make 56 little triangles.

When a pattern is like this, I can't help but shift into "goal mode". IF I make 8 triangles a day, then I'll be done in a week... IF I do 14 triangles a day, I can be done in 4 days... and IF each triangle takes me 10 minutes, if I knit for an hour each day, that would be 6 triangles a day for 10 days... I can't seem to help myself.

So, I've done 15 triangles so far... most of them in the car in front of my house yesterday while Sam was napping in his car seat. They are really pretty! I took a picture, but have no time to post it-- I will try to get it online later.


Monday, June 28, 2004

Woo hoo! The center of Amy's baby blanket is done... well, there are still ends to weave in & stuff, but the knitting part is done.

For variety, here is the view Amy's baby will have during tummy time!

After I gave birth to Sam, my mother-in-law was very anxious to help out with something. Even though I had a C-Section, I was feeling good & pretty capable, and wasn't very good about letting her help. She kept asking what she could do... finally, I "let" her weave in all of the ends on the entrelac blanket I made for Sam.

She's going to be here this weekend... is it wrong to save the ends for her?

SOOOOOOOO close! I just have the last edge half triangle to do, and then the body of the blanket will be complete, so I can start on the edging! I WILL post a picture later tonight.


Saturday, June 26, 2004

I have made a TON of progress on the baby blanket-- I have finished all of the long rows, and have started the top edge triangles! So, the next picture I post will be of the blanket off the needles, and waiting for its edge to be knitted and attached. I'm thinking the edging might be a good waiting-for-Grandma's-cataract-surgery project...


Tuesday, June 22, 2004

Of course I had to show off my flip-flops to everyone I know... and people wanted to learn to make them... so last night, we had "Flip Flop Camp" at my house! It was really fun to have everyone together-- thank you to "expert crocheters" Gail, Sue & Susan for helping beginners Qiana, Kiesha, Rachel, Kiarah & Zaire.

Everyone went home with at least 1 pair of finished flip-flops.

Here are Kiarah & Zaire with the evening's efforts.

Sue shows off her finished flip-flops, while Zaire concentrates on basket stitch in the background.

Susan goes crazy for fun fur flip flops!

Kiesha considers a career as a flip-flop foot model.

Zaire shows off his finished flip-flops.

My, Qiana, what an odd foot you have.

Kiarah's flip-flops turned out great!

I can't wait to have another crafty camp soon!


Friday, June 18, 2004

I didn't really think much about it until today-- but the bond that knitters have and the emotions that people associate with knitting is really amazing.

I knew I'd be waiting a while at the surgi-center yesterday, so I brought a sock to work on. (I just finished the sock, btw)

Anyway, as soon as I started knitting, people around me looked up to see what I was doing. One or two asked questions about the self-striping yarn. A woman smiled as she told me how her mother, who passed away years ago, used to knit black wool socks for all of her children and grandchildren who were serving as policemen and firemen, so they could have warm socks under their boots. Another woman shared that she and her mother used to crochet blankets for Project Linus, but said she hadn't been able to do them since her mother passed away... but maybe she would.

My intent was to have a way to pass the time, and keep my hands and mind busy during the wait... but my knitting led to me meeting some interesting people, who chose to share bits of themselves with me, because I was a knitter.

Am I reading too much Knit Lit???


Thursday, June 17, 2004

Hey! Remember the sock that was going to live in my car? Well, the concept worked! 10 minutes here & there in my driveway while Sam is still asleep, and voila (or viola, for you, Gail)... a sock!

My grandmother had cataract surgery today, so I spent a fair bit of time in the waiting room knitting. I have about 7 rows left to finish the toe, then grafting, and it will be done. I'll post a picture as soon as it is.

The self-striping sock yarn attracted QUITE a bit of attention from all the little old ladies who were waiting with me. I felt so popular :)


Monday, June 14, 2004

Okay- here you go... a picture of the blanket-in-progress. 6 rows finished... I think I am finally loving this project!

So as I knit, I am trying to decide what to make next. Here are some things on my "Things I Want To Knit" list.

Marihone ladybug sweater (Baby Knits from Dale of Norway)
Wouldn't Sam just look TOO CUTE in that?

The Fir Cone Lace Shell (Vermont Fiber Designs)...
I never knit anything for myself, and really like this (and the cardigan that goes with it)

Handfast Mittens (aka SMITTENS) from Countrywool
These are for David & Leora, so they can hold hands and still be warm on their walks.

And of course, the beaded scarf with the wool from Malinda... and about 8 zillion other things!

What do you think????

Oy... has it been a week already? Is it just me, or does time go REALLY fast? It's like I blink, and it's another weekend, another Monday, another month... it's really incredible!

I am almost done with another row on the blanket-- the end is in sight, and I'm starting to think about what to knit next! There are a few things I really want to make... I'll find links etc, and post next time... just wanted to update quickly for now.


Sunday, June 06, 2004

Back on the blanket bandwagon...

I have 5 rows (of 8) finished. I was hoping to get some quality knitting time tonight, but I am SO tired... I went to sleep late last night (Jonathan was up watching the Stanley Cup Finals), and then Sam was up twice, and I had to be awake early. Rachel & I volunteered at Special Olympics Opening Eyes.

I must say also, that Stacie has me thinking about two-color & fair isle knitting again... I may have to go back to that for my next project.


Saturday, June 05, 2004

New York was fun-- I got a lot of sock knitting done on the train there and back... I can't even imagine what I could create with 2 hours of uninterrupted knitting time a day!

I got a mostly good report at the dentist, and got a chance to meet up with Linda, which was great-- I feel like I haven't spent time with her in ages!

We walked up to visit The Yarn Co. Very fun store! Believe it or not, I did not buy any yarn... I am very much taken with the blanket & the socks that I am working on, and didn't find anything screaming "Knit Me," so I passed.

I did, however, pick up a very fun book for Sam... It's called Farmer Brown Shears His Sheep... VERY cute story! I love it!

And to top off a fun day, I had some time to work on Amy's blanket when I got home... hopefully, I will have a new progress picture soon.


Thursday, June 03, 2004

Lest you think I haven't done any "real" knitting...

Behold, my progress from last week's trip into New York. I am going back tomorrow for a dentist appointment, so I will get more sock knitting done on the train.

And I am working on Amy's baby blanket as well... Amy, here are all of my good knitting karma vibes headed your way
Keep that baby cooking, okay?


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