Saturday, June 05, 2004

New York was fun-- I got a lot of sock knitting done on the train there and back... I can't even imagine what I could create with 2 hours of uninterrupted knitting time a day!

I got a mostly good report at the dentist, and got a chance to meet up with Linda, which was great-- I feel like I haven't spent time with her in ages!

We walked up to visit The Yarn Co. Very fun store! Believe it or not, I did not buy any yarn... I am very much taken with the blanket & the socks that I am working on, and didn't find anything screaming "Knit Me," so I passed.

I did, however, pick up a very fun book for Sam... It's called Farmer Brown Shears His Sheep... VERY cute story! I love it!

And to top off a fun day, I had some time to work on Amy's blanket when I got home... hopefully, I will have a new progress picture soon.


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