Sunday, July 31, 2005

Think I could use Elsebeth Lavold's Silky Wool to knit this? I have it in stash, from the Recycled Lamb in Colorado. The gauge on the pattern is 5 stitches/inch... and the gauge on the yarn is 5.5 stitches/inch... but I think it's worth swatching. I missed out on the entire Rogue frenzy-- may have to jump on this one early.


Saturday, July 30, 2005

One sock down... one to go.

And for everyone who asked (Woo hoo! I have readers!)... the yarn I'm using is: Lana Grossa Meilenweit Cotton Multiringel. I'm using color 2220... I bought it (as well as color 2270) at the Woolly Lamb's 50% off sale. Good deal!

I think I'll do a few squares on Michael & Elana's blanket before starting the second sock.

Buzz buzz buzz b-buzz buzz b-buzz buzz... I CAN'T STOP SINGING THIS SONG!!! Mamacate, this is your fault! Grrr.


Sunday, July 24, 2005

Is this love, or what???

Jonathan's socks are done-- and I'm not sure if the greater expression of love was my knitting all ten zillion of these stitches in 2x2 ribbing, or his wearing the socks out on a 95 degree summer day for a photo shoot, while the neighbors looked on with curiousity, and his wife begged "Okay, now do a different pose" and ignored the whined reply, "How many ways are there to pose feet?".

Sam participated as well. He was jealous of all the attention Jonathan's feet were getting, and he wanted in on the action. He said "Mommy, MY foot!" Actually, he said "Mommy, MY doot" (doot rhyming with foot.) And of course I complied.

I can't keep a pair of sock needles empty for long. About 5 seconds after finishing Jonathan's socks, I had cast on for my Sockapal-2-za socks.

I think my secret sock pal has been having some tough times lately, and I wanted to make something sunny and happy. The pattern is Little Shell Socks. I am happy with them so far.


Friday, July 22, 2005

Knitting progress report:

Jonathan's second sock is getting close to being finished-- I have probably another inch and a half before I can start the toe shaping. I had a little momentary panic last night, when I couldn't find the first sock... but I am happy to report that as of this morning, the sock has been found. It's a good thing. Second sock syndrome is bad enough-- I'd think Third Sock Syndrome could be fatal.

Elana & Michael's baby blanket is also trucking along... I'm on square 36 of 56... there is light at the end of the tunnel, though it is still far away.

The plumber is here right now. I can't even tell you how good it will feel to know for sure that the toilet will flush each time I (and more importantly, Jonathan!) use it. The plumber looked at me a little strangely as I dragged my knitting outside and proceeded to take pictures of it. What??? Your wife doesn't take pictures of her half-finished socks??? Now, I'm trying to get past the idea that he is thinking "Why the hell doesn't this lady clean her house" and see if I can get some guilt-free knitting time.


Wednesday, July 20, 2005

Here's what I don't get about Harry Potter. With all the magic he has access to, why doesn't he correct his vision and get rid of his glasses? It seems that he could do a simple "Emmetropus Oculi" charm, and be seeing 20/20 with a simple flick of the wand... or at the very least, Madame Pomfrey should be able to help. Just my 2 cents, really, but don't you think?

Of course, such nonsense would not be good for my business-- I count on each new installment of Harry Potter to drive the perfectly sighted Muggle children into the office in droves. There, they will squint at my eye chart, apparently unable to see even the largest letter... hoping that they, like Harry, will need glasses (and of course, once you have glasses, the magical powers just have to follow... don't they?)

But oh, Muggle children, be warned. I have some magic of my own... magic glasses, you see... with clear lenses... that when placed on the face of a less-than-honest-eye-chart-reader seem to magically clear the vision, and allow the wearer to see even the smallest line on the eye chart...

At this point, I think "a-ha! gotcha!" and say something that sounds much more understanding and compassionate... like "You know, considering I'm not really finding any prescription here, I think Caitlyn is seeing quite a bit more than she's letting on..." (and the Muggle parents nod knowingly, and smile... and I smile too.)

Make your appointments now for back-to-school eye exams :)


Tuesday, July 19, 2005

We took the NJ/PA parental rite of passage Sunday and took Sam to Sesame Place. Funny how life changes-- growing up, I remember the "prep" required to get ready for a day at a water park-- dieting for a week, laying out in the sun for just the right tan, shopping for the right cute-but-won't-fall-off-on-the-rides bathing suit, appropriate shaving of course, cute wet-to-dry hair style... yep. Not so much, now that I'm mommy to a toddler. This time around it was a last minute decision to go-- no shower, leg hair not quite braidable, bathing suit 2 sizes too big... and no one cared (least of all me!) and we had a blast.

Friends told us it was great. Other friends told us to avoid it at all costs. Neighbors told us there wasn't much there for little kids (??? It's Sesame Place dude!?!). We risked it & went.

Sam LOVED it. He loves the water-- being squirted with the hose is up there amongst his favorite activities... so he went crazy in all of the little wading pools, running in and out of the fountains screeching and laughing like a little maniac. We went on one "official ride"-- a water slide-- Sam in the front of the 2-person tube, and me in the back. It wasn't our favorite-- too much line, for too little ride... not to mention Sam hated the life vest. We liked the open pools and activities-- no line, just run right in and play all you want. He saw a parade, got to touch Cookie Monster, and hug Baby Bear. He was very cute. We will definitely go back this summer.

Knitting? Yeah, I do that. Here's a progress report:

Jonathan socks: Did the heel flap and turned the heel on the second sock, finished the gusset, and am about an inch and a half into the foot.

Elana & Michael's blanket: I'm on square 34 of 56. Slow progress.

Cardigan for me: The back has been done since we got back from Colorado. No new progress.

Next-to-be-knit: Sockapal-2-za socks, and another pair of socks.

Harry Potter: Page 200-something. I want a wand!


Sunday, July 10, 2005

The feesh sweater is feeneeshed!

Sam was even a good sport about trying it on, and smiling (?) for the camera.

He wore it for about 2 minutes before declaring it "too hot" and asking "sweater off, please." No problem. It was pretty warm to be wearing a 100% wool sweater today, even in the house.


Thursday, July 07, 2005

The feesh sweater is all sewn together-- I just have to weave in the ends, finish the pouch, block it, and neaten it up a bit. I will hopefully have a finished object photo tomorrow or Saturday.

In the meantime, I have been sidelined by laryngitis! Around 4:00 yesterday afternoon, I was sounding rather sexy... by evening, it hurt to swallow, and by the time I woke up this morning, it took tremendous effort to even squeak! I had planned to go into work to see patients-- we had celebrated the 4th anniversary of our office on Tuesday, and July is always a month of favorite long-time patients-- and Jonathan was going to stay home with Sam. Luckily, we were able to get Sam into daycare, and Jonathan and I both went to work-- him to see patients, and me to squeak and whisper things to staff and patients alike. I must jabber constantly-- my world was very quiet without me talking! When I did talk, though, everyone listened really carefully... as if me asking what they wanted from Subway was some kind of wonderful secret.

Sam is a bit confused. He thinks we're playing some sort of whispering game. Tonight, he put his little face about two inches from mine and whispered "Hi, Mommy!" It was quite cute. I told him he had to read his bedtime stories to me... instead of me reading to him. He really tried. He was quite brilliant today-- he managed a 7-word sentence "Choo-choo train is under the breeedge"... and also noted "Henry the 'dockapus has eyes." Hello? Harvard?

So I'm off to sleep tonight... I am scheduled to see patients at our Low Vision Center tomorrow, but unless I have some miraculous recovery, I think that Jonathan will end up going in. Forgive the rambling... I have to talk somehow!


Wednesday, July 06, 2005

We really had a good time in Toronto. Even though we were there for a sad reason (Jonathan's Grandmother's unveiling), it was great to hang out with his family. We were there for a day or two longer than usual, which made it really feel like a vacation... and best of all, we really didn't do much. It was nice.

I over-brought on the knitting a little bit-- I really didn't need *three* projects there at once, but I did get some knitting time. Jonathan's aunt-to-be, Kathy, is an addicted knitter, and Jonathan's mom, sisters, and cousin all knit (although not nearly as obsessively as me, or Kathy), so there was lots of time to knit, and talk about knitting. Kathy apparently did some damage at Lettuce Knit. I stuck to my yarn diet, and didn't even go near the yarn stores.

I am almost done with the feesh sweater-- I just have to finish the hood edging, and sew in the second sleeve.

I also did the leg on Jonathan's second sock, and am ready to start the heel flap. Yes, I know... the picture is fascinating... thank you.

Best of all, I had a hand in creating a new knitter! This is our niece, Emilie, who when asked "Do you want to knit?" brightly said "Yes!" She really did well, for a brand new knitter (and a lefty!) I think she liked it!

Sam had a great time too. He loved all of his cousins. He and cousin Noah got along famously. Each of them couldn't believe that someone else could possibly like The Wiggles as much as they did! Here they are watching "Top of the Tots"


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