Wednesday, July 06, 2005

We really had a good time in Toronto. Even though we were there for a sad reason (Jonathan's Grandmother's unveiling), it was great to hang out with his family. We were there for a day or two longer than usual, which made it really feel like a vacation... and best of all, we really didn't do much. It was nice.

I over-brought on the knitting a little bit-- I really didn't need *three* projects there at once, but I did get some knitting time. Jonathan's aunt-to-be, Kathy, is an addicted knitter, and Jonathan's mom, sisters, and cousin all knit (although not nearly as obsessively as me, or Kathy), so there was lots of time to knit, and talk about knitting. Kathy apparently did some damage at Lettuce Knit. I stuck to my yarn diet, and didn't even go near the yarn stores.

I am almost done with the feesh sweater-- I just have to finish the hood edging, and sew in the second sleeve.

I also did the leg on Jonathan's second sock, and am ready to start the heel flap. Yes, I know... the picture is fascinating... thank you.

Best of all, I had a hand in creating a new knitter! This is our niece, Emilie, who when asked "Do you want to knit?" brightly said "Yes!" She really did well, for a brand new knitter (and a lefty!) I think she liked it!

Sam had a great time too. He loved all of his cousins. He and cousin Noah got along famously. Each of them couldn't believe that someone else could possibly like The Wiggles as much as they did! Here they are watching "Top of the Tots"


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