Wednesday, July 20, 2005

Here's what I don't get about Harry Potter. With all the magic he has access to, why doesn't he correct his vision and get rid of his glasses? It seems that he could do a simple "Emmetropus Oculi" charm, and be seeing 20/20 with a simple flick of the wand... or at the very least, Madame Pomfrey should be able to help. Just my 2 cents, really, but don't you think?

Of course, such nonsense would not be good for my business-- I count on each new installment of Harry Potter to drive the perfectly sighted Muggle children into the office in droves. There, they will squint at my eye chart, apparently unable to see even the largest letter... hoping that they, like Harry, will need glasses (and of course, once you have glasses, the magical powers just have to follow... don't they?)

But oh, Muggle children, be warned. I have some magic of my own... magic glasses, you see... with clear lenses... that when placed on the face of a less-than-honest-eye-chart-reader seem to magically clear the vision, and allow the wearer to see even the smallest line on the eye chart...

At this point, I think "a-ha! gotcha!" and say something that sounds much more understanding and compassionate... like "You know, considering I'm not really finding any prescription here, I think Caitlyn is seeing quite a bit more than she's letting on..." (and the Muggle parents nod knowingly, and smile... and I smile too.)

Make your appointments now for back-to-school eye exams :)


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