Tuesday, July 19, 2005

We took the NJ/PA parental rite of passage Sunday and took Sam to Sesame Place. Funny how life changes-- growing up, I remember the "prep" required to get ready for a day at a water park-- dieting for a week, laying out in the sun for just the right tan, shopping for the right cute-but-won't-fall-off-on-the-rides bathing suit, appropriate shaving of course, cute wet-to-dry hair style... yep. Not so much, now that I'm mommy to a toddler. This time around it was a last minute decision to go-- no shower, leg hair not quite braidable, bathing suit 2 sizes too big... and no one cared (least of all me!) and we had a blast.

Friends told us it was great. Other friends told us to avoid it at all costs. Neighbors told us there wasn't much there for little kids (??? It's Sesame Place dude!?!). We risked it & went.

Sam LOVED it. He loves the water-- being squirted with the hose is up there amongst his favorite activities... so he went crazy in all of the little wading pools, running in and out of the fountains screeching and laughing like a little maniac. We went on one "official ride"-- a water slide-- Sam in the front of the 2-person tube, and me in the back. It wasn't our favorite-- too much line, for too little ride... not to mention Sam hated the life vest. We liked the open pools and activities-- no line, just run right in and play all you want. He saw a parade, got to touch Cookie Monster, and hug Baby Bear. He was very cute. We will definitely go back this summer.

Knitting? Yeah, I do that. Here's a progress report:

Jonathan socks: Did the heel flap and turned the heel on the second sock, finished the gusset, and am about an inch and a half into the foot.

Elana & Michael's blanket: I'm on square 34 of 56. Slow progress.

Cardigan for me: The back has been done since we got back from Colorado. No new progress.

Next-to-be-knit: Sockapal-2-za socks, and another pair of socks.

Harry Potter: Page 200-something. I want a wand!


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