Tuesday, June 22, 2004

Of course I had to show off my flip-flops to everyone I know... and people wanted to learn to make them... so last night, we had "Flip Flop Camp" at my house! It was really fun to have everyone together-- thank you to "expert crocheters" Gail, Sue & Susan for helping beginners Qiana, Kiesha, Rachel, Kiarah & Zaire.

Everyone went home with at least 1 pair of finished flip-flops.

Here are Kiarah & Zaire with the evening's efforts.

Sue shows off her finished flip-flops, while Zaire concentrates on basket stitch in the background.

Susan goes crazy for fun fur flip flops!

Kiesha considers a career as a flip-flop foot model.

Zaire shows off his finished flip-flops.

My, Qiana, what an odd foot you have.

Kiarah's flip-flops turned out great!

I can't wait to have another crafty camp soon!


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