Thursday, January 15, 2004

I finished the I-cord for the 2nd Booga bag... so now the whole thing is done & ready for felting...

The minute I finished that, I started a catnip mouse with the leftover yarn... it was like I couldn't NOT be knitting something for even a minute, and had to do something right away! I am REALLY addicted again. I can't wait to start the next Booga bag with the Manos del Uruguay wool I bought today (still not sure if I'll give Kiesha the one I just finished or the new one), and to get the Noro Silk Garden that I ordered for my secret pal gift.

So I have the secret pal gift, the new Booga bag, Sam's baby socks (to match mine), and I also have yarn to do another pair of socks (this one will be on 2 circular needles)... plus ThreadyBear... and maybe just maybe I'll re-visit one of those unfinished projects in the cabinet... life is good.

And reading my last post-- I DID do the 2-color hat... very cool, and not that hard.

But before I forget, here's the picture of Sam in his 2-color hat!



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