Thursday, June 09, 2005

Sue and I went to the 50% Off Sale at The Woolly Lamb today.

Oh wait... that's not what I bought. That was my stash overflowing on to my chair before today's trip-- mostly stuff from Recycled Lamb in Colorado.

But today is all about The Woolly Lamb. The sale was pretty overwhelmingly awesome. There were a lot of people there, with cute pink and black bags full of yarn. They really meant it when they said everything was on sale. Their shelves were stocked... winter stuff, summer stuff, and everything in between. There were lots of skeins in the same dye lots. We walked around in awe for a bit before getting down to the serious business of buying.

We hit the sock yarn section first. I think I bought 5 pairs worth... maybe 6. It was just so cheap, it seemed crazy to not buy anything that I liked. I also bought a bunch of Plymouth Sunsette yarn that would be appropriate for baby wear. That is something that my stash was actually lacking-- nice-feeling machine-washable yarn that can be quickly whipped up into a baby project. I bought enough for a toddler sweater in 3 different colors.

I also bought some Dalegarn Svale in a really pretty sage green shade. I love the feel of it-- I think there were 6 skeins left in the color, so I bought them all. I'm not sure what they will end up being. In general, I bought mostly basic stuff that I know will get used eventually-- but they had Manos ($6.75 a skein!!!), all kinds of cashmere, and lots of really nice things. I may have to go back on Saturday.

By the way, we kind of asked... and it seems that they just have tons and tons of yarn, and need to make room for the fall and winter stuff that's coming in. The store is only two years old, so they may have misjudged the amount they would sell, or maybe they overbought the new stuff... but either way, it doesn't sound like they're going out of business or anything like that. Whew! (Although if they did, it's not like I'm running out of yarn any time soon.)

Apparently, I bought enough yarn, that Sam spent quite a long time playing the game of spilling everything out and then putting it all back in the bag... and then repeating multiple times. It was cute, until I started trying to take a picture, and then it was not so cute.

As much as I want to cast on projects using ALL of the yarn I bought... I have 4 current projects on the needles, and will be very disciplined and work on those first-- at least for tonight.

Here's the Rambling Rows blanket progress.

I am not buying any more yarn for a very long time (not counting Saturday).


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