Monday, June 20, 2005

I had to take a break from the rambling rows. Too many squares (I just finished 28 of 55) and too much garter stitch. Must... purl... something...

So, in honor of Father's Day, I finished sock #1 of Jonathan's blue socks (formerly jw's decoy socks). I was ready to start sock #2, and realized the yarn was in the bedroom, where Sam was sleeping restlessly... so I picked up the Feesh Sweater instead.

I am not very good at intarsia. I've knitted one other intarsia project... and perhaps tomorrow I will take a picture of it, because I know right where it is-- in the cabinet of unfinished projects, where it has lived for the last 5 years at least... quite possibly more. It's just not my thing.

But I've evolved... and I wanted to make something special for Sam... and he loves "feesh"... and we saw this at Maryland Sheep & Wool, and I thought it was only a few little fish on the pouch, and how hard could it be. Well... I'm doing it. I'm not loving it... or even remotely enjoying it... but I am knitting it, and it doesn't look half bad, if I must say so myself.

Pretty neat, right? Ha. You should see the back side. Anyway, I'm getting ready to start the second fish... after a few hellish rows of working on both fish, it should be pretty smooth sailing. Once the pouch is done, the other minor challenge is figuring out how to put a hood on this (the pattern is written for a crew neck) but I think I'm up to it. Then perhaps I will be ready for more squares on the Rambling Rows.

By the way... if anyone knows what happened to the tiny adorable baby I used to have, please let me know. I think someone stole him from his crib, and replaced him with this large, conversational, active, yet equally adorable toddler. I'll keep the toddler-- I just wonder periodically what happened to the other one. It seems he was just here not that long ago.

Happy Belated Father's Day!


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