Friday, June 24, 2005

I finished the pouch on the feesh sweater... not bad, for only my 2nd attempt at intarsia.

I'm not sure how quickly I'll progress from here-- I may have to take a little break from knitting for a while. I went to the doctor's today because my shoulder is killing me. She was running a bit late, so I worked on my sock in the waiting room. (I had started the 2nd sock for Jonathan yesterday, while Sam was napping in the car, and have about an inch and a half done so far) Then, once I got in the exam room, I figured I had a few minutes, so I worked on it some more... I was mid-row when the doctor walked in. After she brightly asked, "Ooh, what are you making?" and we chatted about my knitting addiction for a few minutes, she asked what I thought was causing my shoulder pain. I told her I had no clue.


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