Sunday, June 12, 2005

Moving right along...

I'm on square 21, of 55. I've been progressing pretty quickly. I got a lot done last night during "Meet the Fokkers" (funny... not as funny as everyone told me it was... maybe because I didn't see it in a theater full of giggling movie-goers, or maybe because I know that a signing baby is more practical than amusing.) The night before, I knitted all through "Closer". (I've always thought I would really enjoy a movie about peoples' lives where nothing exciting happens... turns out I didn't. Hmm... just checked the link, nominated for all sorts of stuff... oh well, I have bad taste, I guess.) I'm not sure how long I can keep working on this blanket and nothing else. Right now I'm enjoying it... but periodically it hits me that I haven't done a purl stitch since I got back from Colorado!

Sam has learned the word "yarn"... he says "nar" actually. It's pretty cute. He looks at my stash, and says "Mommy's Nar" I was trying to teach him "Y for Nar" on his alphabet puzzle today-- he already knows "A for Aryeh (his daycare buddy)"... "B for Tweet Tweet (birdie)"... "C for Cat"... "D for Daddy"... "M for Mommy" and "S for 'Nam'" Today, he surprised me with "G for Grandpa." Yep, my dad babysat for 5 hours this morning, and tonight Sam picks up the G and says "G for Grandpa." Guess they practiced just a little bit. He's a pretty funny baby. He and I have a bonus day off tomorrow. His daycare is closed for Shavuot, and I took the day off rather than hiring a babysitter. I'm looking forward to hanging out with my little bug.


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