Saturday, June 04, 2005

I've been kind of overwhelmed with the idea of a major catch-up post... so here is the short version.

Colorado was wonderful. It was great to be away from work, and have an entire week to spend together as a family. The scenery was gorgeous. We saw online optometry friends for a few days. Sam loved playing with their daughter, Beth. We hiked. We biked. We ate good veggie food. The place we stayed (Grand Timber Lodge) was awesome. Our room (condo, really) had a bedroom, living room, dining room, large bathroom with hot tub, fireplace. We were the first people to ever stay in that room. Sam loved the "neysh room", the pool, and the balcony. The highlight of the trip for him, though, was throwing rocks into the water, which we did all over Breckenridge.

We stopped at Showers of Flowers on the way from Denver to Breckenridge. I was disappointed. It was a HUGE store-- but they had a lot of acrylic-y and one-ball-scarf-y kind of stuff... and the altitude was starting to affect me, and I bought nothing.

I had lots of knitting time in Breckenridge. I finished one of "jw's socks" (more later)... and also finished the back of the cardigan I'm making from the yarn I bought at MDS&W. Eek! Needed more projects!

There is not a decent yarn store in Breckenridge. There should be. I almost had to retire and start one... but I didn't. I did go into "Tea Time Quilting" because they had "yarn" advertised on their sign. They had a very small selection of yarn, but they just happened to have exactly the yarn I was looking for, which was Dale Baby Ull, in the exact colors of Elana and Michael's baby nursery.

Elana & Michael are our friends from optometry school. They are waiting to adopt a baby. I don't talk to Elana as much as I used to-- but this has not been an easy road for them, and I wanted to make something special for them and the baby, once it arrives. I've been anxious to start it, and start the knitting energy flowing in their direction. A while back, they painted the baby's nursery-- bright rainbowy kind of colors, in a very geometric pattern. I asked Elana to send me paint swatches, which she did... so this Baby Ull matches 5 of the 6 colors of the nursery (I left out pink, in case they get a boy.)

I couldn't imagine what pattern I would find-- it's hard to find knitted blanket patterns that incorporate a lot of colors in a cool geometric way.

On the way from Breckenridge back to Denver, we stopped at The Recycled Lamb. As their website advertises, they were so incredibly nice and helpful and pleasant and wonderful. They had a great selection of yarns. They suggested the Rambling Rows afghan which I had not seen before. I bought that pattern, among other things. Here are the pictures of their nursery. I think this blanket will look great in there. Here's my progress so far.

On "jw's socks"... those blue 2x2 ribbed numbers... all a hoax. Yep, you've been bamboozled. I wanted her socks to be a surprise. So while I've been blogging about these boring navy blue socks, I was secretly knitting these:

I mailed them off to jw with some other little goodies so that they'd arrive while I was away. Surprise jw!!! (Now send me those stitch markers!)

I came home to the course list from Stitches East... and a postcard notifying me of a 50% off sale at the Woolly Lamb!!! Have I mentioned that I love knitting??? Ah... good to be back.


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