Saturday, July 28, 2007

Today, we visited Bethlehem, and suddenly, I understand why millions of people make the pilgimage each year...

It is well worth the trip, to Vegan Treats Bakery.

Yes. Bakery. Vegan. Freaking Awesome.

We went on a mystery ride. Sam fully enjoyed our first stop at the Crayola Factory... then as we got into the car & he asked about the next destination, I told him it was a bakery with all kinds of wonderful desserts. His little face dropped-- "But what if the desserts aren't vegetarian?" Oh, Sam... they will be. Every single one of them.

He chose a glazed donut with rainbow sprinkles... "Well, they had donuts at camp when Elan got a sister, and I couldn't have one." (Veg mommy's heart drops) Needless to say, he loved loved loved the donut... and at some point we realized that he had never had one before, and the patrons & staff of the Vegan Treats Bakery produced a collective "Awww!" at watching the boy experience his first ever donut...

If that ain't mecca, baby, I don't know what is. My boy agrees.

And right next door?

An eye doctor!

Jonathan wants to buy the practice... I briefly considered. We peeked inside-- it would need some cosmetic improvements, and a little renovation, starting with the widening of the front door to accommodate the fat ass I would quickly develop if we had an office next door to a vegan bakery. We will stick with our office for now.

We came home, kids went to sleep easily... I finished HP7

Good book.

Good day.

Good life.

Aaah... :)


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