Thursday, July 26, 2007

Sorry-- I was captured by the Sugar & Cream cult.

I told you those potholders were addictive. After I crocheted one, I crocheted another... and another... and another...

Then there was plenty of yarn left, so I did a bib from Mason-Dixon Knitting.

(hmm... have to add a little on that buttonhole side... oops)

Those are a little addictive too... so I did another one.

Then I happened to be at Michaels, buying supplies for a present Sam & I are making... and just *had* to buy a little ball of Sugar & Cream to make a bib for Tali...

THEN... just when I was thinking I'd break free of the Sugar & Cream cult, and go back to normal knitting, SOMEONE felt the need to send me a picture of her latest WIP...

(the bag, not the cat)

Suddenly I felt the need to make a Vegetable Market bag. Why? To carry produce home from the market, of course! (I am fully aware that the chances of me ever having this bag with me at any sort of market are minimal). So off Tali & I went to Michaels again, with plans to buy another huge ball of Sugar & Cream. You should be aware that there is plenty of Sugar & Cream in my stash... I just like buying new yarn.

Well. I was saved. Michaels has discontinued the large balls of S&C, so there were none available for me to buy. Hmmph.

But I did have that 40% coupon in my pocket... and hey, did you know that there is now SELF-STRIPING Sugar & Cream???


So there may be a little bit more cotton usage before this phase is up. Stay tuned.


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