Sunday, June 24, 2007

Mr. Ray is infinitely cool.

We went to a Mr. Ray concert on the roof of Sam's school today. It was a fundraiser for new playground stuff-- which means that we paid $65 to see Mr. Ray (who plays at free concerts all over the place) partake in the hot dog lunch (BYOVDs-- veggie dogs, not venereal diseases)

There weren't too many people there (duh), which made it quite awesome for the kiddies-- Sam is usually a bit hesitant to get up & go nuts with strangers-- but there were maybe 20 kids there today, and Sam knew most of them, and had a blast.

He even got a turn to sing into the microphone-- all (okay Jonathan & I) were most impressed by his rendition of the ABC song.

Even Tali got in on the Mr. Ray worship.

Concert, time at the pool, much fun with new neighbors, a walk to see the stoplight, and we put two very tired kiddies to bed tonight.

Camp starts tomorrow!


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