Saturday, June 30, 2007

A free crochet potholder pattern!

Periodically, something sets me off, and I get on a potholder kick. The potholders are quick to make, work really well, and are easy gifts. I even sold some at a craft fair once, back in the day.

Every time I give them, people want to know how to make them. I don't have a pattern-- my grandmother found one at a garage sale, brought it home, and figured out how to make them-- and I've kind of adapted it from there. I thought it would be fun to try & post this as a free crochet potholder pattern.

The irony here is that I don't really crochet much... and when I do, I don't really get too into the patterns. So I don't even know what a crochet pattern usually looks like-- but I'll do my best, and I took lots of pictures to help explain as well. Stacie, if you want to turn this into crochet-speak, feel free :)

Grandma Dor's Potholders
(a free crochet potholder pattern) <-- I'm a google whore

You will need:
1 ball Sugar & Cream yarn
Size H crochet hook (G works too)
Time in your life for a new hobby

Who cares... it's a potholder

Step 1: Chain 41

Step 2: Single Crochet in second chain from hook, and single crochet across (40 stitches)

Step 3: Here's where it gets cool. DO NOT TURN WORK. Single crochet in the back loop of the first stitch on the bottom side of the original chain, and single crochet in the back loop across the entire bottom of the chain (another 40 stitches)

This is where I put the crochet hook in...

This is how it looks once you've completed the bottom chain row.

Step 4: At the end of that row, don't turn work... go back up to the top row, single crochet (DO ALL SINGLE CROCHETS THROUGH THE BACK LOOP ONLY) across...then around the bottom row... and back to the top row... around & around & around. You will start to see a pouch forming, with your original chain becoming the bottom fold.

Step 5: Keep going until you have completed 19 rounds. Single crochet 20 stitches and STOP. Chain 12, and slip stitch to connect back to the last single crochet you did. This will form the loop of the potholder.

What? What's that you say? It's in the middle of the square? Ah ha... this is the fun part. Pull the loop up, making it the top of your potholder, and the wide opening of the pouch the middle seam.

Step 6: Stitch the seam together, weave in the end, and voila! You have made a Grandma Dor Potholder!

Step 7: Use immediately.


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