Tuesday, June 05, 2007

Almost done with the first placket neck sweater...

The knitting part is done-- I need to do the little bit of finishing, and then I can start working on sweater #2.

This was my first time doing a raglan sweater-- there were a few lessons learned:
1. Less finishing is a good thing!
2. My gauge is way different in the round than back and forth-- next time I will go down a needle size when I switch to back & forth knitting.
3. This would probably be cute without buttonholes, and starting the neckline a little later, just letting the neck edge roll like a little collar.
4. Gotta tug on those decreases or something.
5. The invisible bind off would probably work really well here.
6. Small stitch holders are better than large when there are only a few stitches to hold.
7. M1 increases look nicer than knitting in the front & back of a stitch-- I'll do those next time.

Overall, a good experience, though... I'm looking forward to finishing this-- hopefully it won't be too small for Tali so she can model it.

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