Tuesday, April 10, 2007

Okay. Roasted Cauliflower.

This recipe is from my friend Amy-- she's not really a measuring type of person, so it's a bit vague-- but SO good.

Amy: It's cauliflower with olive oil and salt. Use high heat.
Me: A whole cauliflower?
Amy: Definitely. I usually make 2, because I end up eating a lot before it ever gets served. You don't have to use cauliflower. The recipe works for brussels sprouts, broccoli, asparagus, whatever.
Me: I like the cauliflower. How much olive oil? A lot? A little?
Amy: Some. Is that an answer?
Me: No! A cup? A teaspoon?
Amy: I don't know-- how about as much as you would put on if it were salad dressing and you were going to toss the salad?
Me: Okay... maybe. How high is the heat?
Amy: 450. And the key is to make sure it's preheated before you put the cauliflower in. You can't heat the oven while you're cooking this. You could do higher heat if you want.
Me: What temperature do you use?
Amy: 450.
Me: How long do you cook it?
Amy: A while... maybe 20 minutes? Until it's done.


So, here's my interpretation of Amy's recipe.

Take a cauliflower & break it into florets (flowerettes?)... not huge ones... think bite size... you will want to be able to pick these up with your fingers & pop them into your mouth. Put them in a bowl. Add olive oil & toss it around-- there should be enough to coat all the cauliflower. Add salt. Amy prefers sea salt. Add more than you think. (Amy: after it cooks, you should be able to run your finger through the oil left on the pan & it should taste pleasantly salty). If you don't add enough, you can add regular salt after the fact-- it's still good. Make sure the oven is preheated to 450... put the cauliflower on a baking sheet (Amy: Don't use anything deeper than a baking sheet, because it will steam). Don't stir them while they're in the oven. Cook them until there is a fair amount of dark brown/black on the tips & edges.

My mother-in-law & I made it this weekend-- it's really good. Could be the best cauliflower I've ever tasted. Worth trying. I wish I had taken pictures of it, because then you'd know when it's done...

But, in the absence of cauliflower photos, I will share a photo of my Passover quinoa...

This is why I don't have a cooking blog. Next post-- back to knitting.


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