Wednesday, April 04, 2007

Ha! Pulled off a Passover seder for 11 people last night-- I even got out our wedding china :)

My vegan Passover menu included:

Seder plate (complete with sacrificial yam and an avocado pit instead of an egg)
Butternut squash soup (hmm... someday I'll come back & fill in all the recipe links)
Layered dinner (like a vegetable stew)
Quinoa side dish (quinoa seems to be this year's trendy Passover food, no?)
Mashed sweet potatoes
Roasted cauliflower (could be my new favorite food)
Broccoli-a-la-Jay (yummm... thanks, Jay!)
Uninvited asparagus
Cranberry sauce from a can (Passover cranberry sauce, made with real sugar!)
Not-so-good peach dessert thing
Very good Passover cakes (again, credit goes to Jay)

We did "Sammy Spider's First Haggadah." The children in attendance were cute and charming. It was just quite lovely, if I must say so myself.


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