Sunday, March 18, 2007

Ooh I am just such a social knitter this week...

Tali & I went (slowly) to Thursday morning knitting group again. Here is photographic evidence:

Vyjanti (I'm probably butchering the spelling), Pat, and Maggie...

Yikes-- I can't remember this woman's name (it's definitely not Sally)... and Camille.

There were more people than this-- some had left by the time I remembered I had the camera-- and another didn't want her picture online (Oh, the stories I am concocting in my twisted imagination)-- but it was a very fun morning again, and I am hoping we can go next Thursday!

Then, on Friday, since Sue was in town, we had knit night at Carriellen's. It was snowing pretty heavily here-- but that didn't stop us. Jay cooked a wonderful meal, and Sue, Susan, Carriellen & I knitted & crocheted our little hearts out.

I miss you Sue!!!

Sam loved the snow-- even though we only had a few inches, he has been waiting all year to build a snowman, and was not going to pass up the chance. Fortunately, my next door neighbor has been waiting all year as well-- here they are with their snowman, who was melting almost as fast as they could build him.

I've been working on yellow sock #2... took pictures today & will post as soon as I upload.


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