Tuesday, February 06, 2007

Sleep issues? Who, us?

So this "I'll stay in your room until you fall asleep, but I'm going to knit" is good and bad. On the good side, I've had lots of knitting time. On the bad side, I think I'm training an insomniac. I can almost see his little brain thinking "Don't fall asleep or she's going to leave. Don't fall asleep or she's going to leave."

But let's focus on the positive.

One of Jonathan's socks is done, and the 2nd is started. Sam decided that if I was in *his* room, I should be knitting something for him... and promised he'd wear little socks that match Daddy's if I knitted them.

Yes, I am fully aware he will never wear these socks. I will do better with Tali.

On the subject of Tali, I made this little hat for her out of Alpaca Silk. Mmm.

Of course she was sleeping when I needed to try it on her, and as a result, it is too small... but rather than rip it out (I'm a big proponent of "it will fit someone") I will just make a new one slightly larger, with a decorative cast on.

She's wearing other hand-knits today. It's freaking cold here in NJ, and I'm excited that my sweater is keeping her warm. (The matching hat is in my car)

And I couldn't resist this cuteness... what a great family I have!

Much more to say, but Miss Tali woke up... urgh.


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