Wednesday, January 24, 2007

It occurs to me that I used to post pictures of knitting here.

Hard to post pictures, though, when I wasn't doing much knitting.

Tali got held an awful lot during the first few weeks of her little life, and got spoiled to the point where she wouldn't let us put her down.

Sam had one nightmare about a monster a long time ago, and since then one of us has been laying next to his bed until he falls asleep at night (& often end up falling asleep there as well!) Once Sam & Tali are finally asleep and Jonathan & I groggily wander out to the living room at 11:30 p.m. or so, we are way too tired to do anything.


Tali is now able to sleep in her own bed, thanks to Secrets of the Baby Whisperer and one VERY long night of putting her down, picking her up, putting her down, picking her up etc. She still gets held a lot during the day... but can fall asleep on her own, which is lovely!

AND... this week we are starting Sam's bedtime routine almost an hour earlier... plus, I told him I needed "Mommy Time" and that I would sit in his room while he fell asleep, but I was going to sit by the door and knit (Jonathan sits & reads when it's his turn). Sam isn't thrilled by the prospect, but he is giving in.

Hence... knitting! (And lots of it!)

I finished the scarf for Sue's mom. I blocked it this morning, and shipped it off in today's mail.

All of the strips are done for the Circle-Of-No-Friends blanket for Tali. I lost my Chibi, so I have this crappy plastic needle that doesn't motivate me to do the sewing... but I'll get it done.

And in the dark of Sam's room, I started a new sock in Regia Bamboo... nice stuff! The first night we tried this little experiment, Sam laid in his bed with his eyes wide open for about 2 hours... the 2nd night, for about 45 minutes... so lots of sock progress!

I am actually looking forward to it being "my turn" in his room again tonight.


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