Friday, December 08, 2006

Wow. Thank you to everyone who left comments & congratulations on the new baby! Who knew people actually read this!?!

Tali is wonderful. She is cute & pink & warm... and aside from the fact that she has her days & nights mixed up and poops 3 times a feeding, she just might be perfect.

However, somehow this little being that sleeps 20 hours a day is leaving me completely unable to accomplish anything, including knitting! I've made some marginal progress, out of sanity-keeping necessity.

I have just about 4 of the 7 strips done in the Circle-Of-No-Friends blanket. Row after row (after row after row) of mindless garter stitch seems to work with my lack of sleep lately.

Sue's mom's scarf is about halfway done.

I will get to the Ab-Fab, Sue, I promise.

Sam is doing very well as a big brother. He seems to have completely grown up in the last few weeks-- such a big boy!

Sibling rivalry has been minimal so far... except for the other night when Sam suggested "Well, if Tali fell in the potty, maybe we would flush it."

Tali says: Word to your mother.


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