Saturday, November 25, 2006

Yeah, I know... not so nice of 9-month-pregnant blogger to go AWOL from the blog for a week plus, and come back without a baby, huh?

Believe me... I wish she was here already too! I am getting TIRED! As my ankles seem to swell to gigantic proportions when I'm on my feet for more than a nanosecond or so, I've been spending a lot of time sitting & lying down... hence much knitting.

You never doubted I'd make a purple & black hat for Sam, right?

Yep, ordered up the yarn, and bam... 2 days later, a hat. Pom pom and all. The best part... he likes it!

The not-so-good part is now he realizes that knitted items can be ordered upon request... so last night, as he was hanging out in bed next to me, while I was working on a scarf, and he was playing with some yarn and one of my "knitting things" (that's a needle, for the not-3 crowd) he asked for a scarf. In all of his favorite colors. Purple and black? No! Apparently, this week, the favorite colors are white, brown, purple, and red. (I will make a million purple and black hats before this scarf materializes)

Fortunately, I have lots of other projects to keep me busy... Sue's mom requested a scarf from her favorite knitting daughter (me! ha ha). And far be it for me to turn down an opportunity to knit something... so I started this:

This is a pretty cool pattern, actually. It's the My So-Called Scarf pattern. Kudos to whoever decided to increase AND decrease in every stitch and see what it looked like. It's kind of fun. I'm using Rowan Tapestry yarn, which is a mixture of wool & soy... and that's fun too. I've just accepted that soy can be made into milk... now I have to figure out how it gets to be yarn. Hmm. I have some doubts that Sue's mom will like this scarf-- she specifically requested something black & white... and this is neither... but hey-- artistic license.

And on the topic of long strip-py things...

I started my own "Circle Of Friends" blankie (from Last Minute Knitted Gifts) for the baby-- slightly pathetic as I am doing the whole thing myself, with no friends, so it's a very small circle... but I started the entrelac pattern I had originally bought yarn for, and decided I didn't like it as much as I wanted to... then saw a couple of the Circle of Friends blankets around the blog-world, and needed one of my very own.

So that's my knitting update. I also finished the pink baby sweater (& a matching hat, of course), but want to sew the buttons on before I take pictures.

Hang in for baby updates... as the monkey said when he put his tail over the railroad tracks... it won't be long now...


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