Friday, November 10, 2006

Sorry. My photos suck lately. We got some holiday catalog & it had a "tabletop studio" with backdrops & lights and everything. It was designed to be used for photographing jewelry, and stuff you're selling on EBay. I thought it probably would be really good for photographing knitting... but would MUCH rather spend the $80 on yarn. So, my photos suck lately. (I think I used to say "pictures" before marrying the Canadian.)

Anyway, here's a shot of the first hat to match the stripey sweater. The hat is cute, but probably a few sizes larger than the sweater.

So... I cast on another hat, smaller. It's amazing what a difference 16 stitches make. This should be a quickie.

Here is the progress on the Ab Fab Throw.

For a day off (I know! 2 in a week!) today is pretty busy... our annual International Theme Work Holiday Party is tonight... this year, we're doing Indian food at Akbar. Gotta finish up trivia, buy socks, and work on a few other surprises...


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