Tuesday, November 07, 2006


I almost fell off the finishing wagon. I don't remember exactly how it happened, but 11 rows before the end of the shawl, I found myself starting a baby hat. 11 rows!?! Fortunately, I caught myself after a few inches of ribbing, and managed to get back in control, and finish the shawl.

I have Carriellen's blocking wires... I'm finding them a little bit scary, all long and flexible in their plastic bag... gotta get over my fear, and block this puppy. Then I can decide what to do with it.

The baby hat will match the orange, green, white & purple striped baby sweater. Actually, it matches in color only. Size-wise, it's a little large. But cute. So when that is done, I'll make a smaller one.

I also started the Ab-Fab throw, as a housewarming gift for someone who is finding it necessary to leave me & move to Chicago this week... mohair is a little gross, no?

One of my patients today said I should take some days off where I can just stay in pajamas. I think Wednesday might be one of those days. Expect much knitting.

I leave you with some fall photos...


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