Friday, November 03, 2006

Enough nonsense.

I have too many things on the needles that could be finished in 2 hours or less. I'm not sure how these socks got to the top of the list, but they did... and tonight, they are done.

You do not want to know how out of breath I got trying to take this picture.

The socks are from the More Fun Than Cables Sock Pattern. The yarn is Sockotta. I wouldn't have bought it if I realized it was so... stripey.

I never inteded for these socks to match up. I'm not sure why not. I think I was aiming for whimsical, although I don't quite think that's what I achieved.

Anyway, they are finished, and officially off the list. They are comfortable, and are keeping my feet warm as I type... AND, there is enough yarn left over to make matching baby socks for my soon-to-be-baby-girl... although I'm NOT starting anything new until I finish some more WIP's.


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