Sunday, October 01, 2006

Well, the sleeves are awfully tiny...

But then again, so is the sweater, so life is good! A finished project:

It's really really really cute, and the yarn (Longmeadow from Valley Yarns) is soft, and a perfect weight. I might just have to order more to make a sweater for Sam.

But, in the meantime, I started the "Falling Leaves Shawl" also from Valley Yarns (division of Webs). The picture does not do it justice... actually, the work in progress does not do it justice... I think I am ready to experience the miracle of blocking a lace pattern. Only 31 more pattern repeats to go :)

No idea what I will do with this shawl when it's done. I thought it would be good for me this winter, with the breastfeeding & whatnot... but I really don't think I've ever worn a shawl in my life. We'll have to see.

I'll aim for some outdoor lighting pics tomorrow-- the 11th commandment is something about knitting on Yom Kippur, I'm sure of it...


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