Saturday, October 14, 2006

We had SUCH a lovely day!

Carriellen picked us up at the crack of dawn (okay, around (9:30), and we headed down to The Woolly Lamb. I haven't been "live" yarn shopping in a really long time, and you can't really fondle yarn when shopping online. So we fondled... and fondled... and oh there was so much yarn I just had to have.

Because I had the 20% birthday coupon, I ended up taking the yarn for all 3 of us up to the register. I suppose it could have been worse, but let's just say that the cashier felt it necessary to lean in close to me and whisper the total!

My main purchase was yarn & a pattern for a blanket for the new baby. I picked an entrelac pattern, and Cashsoft Dk yarn. Yummmm...

The baby blanket I made for Sam was an entrelac pattern...

... and I wanted the new blanket to be in the same general knitting family. I'm really looking forward to starting this one.

Among other things, I also bought some Cashsoft 4-ply to make a baby sweater from a pattern in one of the vintage knitting brochures I picked up at a recent garage sale. It's really cute.

We were one ball short on the off-white color for the blanket... so we left The Woolly Lamb, and after an excellent lunch, headed off toward Glenmarle Woolworks. Well. Glenmarle today was like the Russia of yarn stores-- I don't know what they did with all their yarn-- maybe they sold it all yesterday, but today they had VERY little selection, and just very little yarn. It was concerning.

They didn't have the color I needed, but I did buy yarn to make a hat for my dad, who is not a "hat guy" but acknowledges that for various reasons, he may actually wear a hat this winter...

After we were all shopped out, we headed back to Sue's house for knitting & relaxation... I finished the first sleeve on the pink sweater.

So now I have about 8 billion things I want to knit. Sam is still asking for a sweater in "purple, black, and white" (Eeew!) Anyone have ideas on how to make something non-nauseating using these colors???


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