Friday, October 13, 2006

Sorry for the delay between posts-- ever since Sam's discovered Mickey Mouse Clubhouse, suddenly we are sharing the computer 3 ways. Next, he'll want his own blog.

Yes, he uses the computer naked. No, he did not learn this from my husband.

Shawl progress continues...

I kind of like having a "big" project to keep coming back to-- these little baby sweaters go too quick, and before you know it, it's time for finishing. The shawl is about half way done.

Sue, Carriellen & I are planning a little yarn shopping spree on Saturday morning (damn Woolly Lamb and their birthday coupon)... the plan is to arrive early to shop, then stop for lunch, and knit the afternoon away. I can't knit the shawl & talk at the same time-- so I figured I'd just cast on for the front of the baby sweater, so that I could do the stockinette on Saturday.

Well... that didn't quite work out... but what do you expect? It's only 57 stitches to the row, and it just goes so so fast... I couldn't stop. So now, plan B is to get through the front tonight so I can do sleeves tomorrow. Plan C is to work on a sock. Plan D is to start something new. Only time will tell.

Are you riveted?


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