Sunday, October 22, 2006

I started (and finished) the hat for my dad. Cashsoft Dk is really nice to work with-- I like the feel, the color, and I also liked the boringness of knitting around and around and around and around. It was nice to have something I could knit in front of the TV again.

America's Next Top Model... doesn't he look so old here??? :o

Once this was done, the needle was free for finishing the pink sweater, so that was next on the list. However, an unexpected series of events including (but not limited to) a soggy naptime requiring washing of our comforter, a too-small washer, a laundromat where people with little loads of clothes were hogging the giant washers for no apparent reason, and a knitter who dealt with the wait by digging out an ignored project from the backseat of her car... resulted in rekindling my relationship with the sock that was started in Orlando.

Ooh I like knitting socks. The thing is, if I finish this, it hardly counts as finishing something, because I'm just going to start another sock.


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