Monday, September 11, 2006

We're back from a great trip to Disney. We took a whole week off & truly enjoyed the rest. This is the first time since we opened the office that we have been able to go away, trust that the "baby" was in good hands, and RELAX, without checking e-mail and constantly calling in. I thank our staff for that!

We stayed in a beautiful resort-- Cypress Harbour. We had a 2 bedroom suite-- 2 bathrooms (1 with jacuzzi that was cool, but went unused), living room, dining room, and full kitchen-- which meant we were able to have breakfast in the room every day, and a couple of lunches & dinners as well. Sam had high fevers the first few days & had to be taken to the afterhours pediatric clinic, so we spent more time than expected in the room, but it was all okay.

We did 2 days in the Magic Kingdom. The week after Labor Day was apparently a great time to go-- almost no lines at all for any of the rides. Sam loved all of the rides, especially the Flying Dumbos... he was TERRIFIED of the 3-D "Philharmagic" movie & had to be carried out screaming... we all loved the night parade & especially the fireworks. Really really cool stuff.

We also spent 2 mornings at Sea World. Sam was into animals, much moreso than he had been previously. He liked the dolphins, especially seeing them jump, and getting to feed them fish. He liked Shamu. He liked playing in the fountains. He had a tantrum outside Shamu Stadium, and as a result, we missed them showing the space shuttle launch on the big screens. We did make it into the stadium in time to see the shuttle flying off in the distance-- which was pretty cool. Jonathan was really into the shuttle launch, so I was really sorry we missed that. We didn't know they were showing it-- if we had known, we would have cut the watermelon-related tantrum short & dragged Sam into the stadium. Feh.

Another highlight was Universal Studios & Islands Of Adventure. Our guidebook didn't make it seem like there was much there for kids-- but we went, figuring Sam would like the Barney show. Well. Sam LOVED the Barney show (which was SO underdone & stupid). AND, after the show, Barney came out to take pictures with the kids... for a while, Sam was the only kid there, and Barney hung out & played with him for like 10 minutes. That was pretty awesome.

At Islands Of Adventure, Sam loved the Dr. Seuss land... his favorite was the Cat In The Hat ride, where he was amazingly amused by Thing 1 and Thing 2. Between you & me & the whole internet, I always thought Alison was a little nuts for knitting those sweaters for her boys... but I've gotta say I'm tempted... you could see Sam in this, right?

I did manage more knitting than I expected (sick kid will do that for you)-- I finished an entire sock (great pattern, not my favorite yarn), and added another ball and a half of yarn to the crocheted blanket. I think it might be getting a little bit bigger. I'll get photos of those up soon.

For now, I'm enjoying Stacie's visit (she's in NJ til tomorrow-- go to her blog & ask her to tell you why), and trying to catch up with work & e-mail etc. Ack!


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