Monday, September 25, 2006

So I do need to rip & re-do the freakishly small sleeves. I just wasn't ready to deal with it at the time. So, I started something new:

A sweater! Of my own design! (If you can call "knit a square with a neck hole" a design). I have already re-configured my mental paradigm of what exactly a properly sized sleeve should look like. Trust me, these will NOT be freakishly small. The yarn is leftover from the blanket for Malinda, plus a few colors I threw in (OK bought just for this purpose).

And here is photographic evidence of my boy's genius.

We bought this puzzle last weekend at a garage sale (from Matt Rose, apparently). Sam is totally intrigued with it-- he loves all the states, and talking about them, and figuring out where they go. Anyway-- it's a tough puzzle, even for me (I'm from New Jersey-- how the hell am I supposed to know where Kentucky is?)-- but Sam makes us help him with it over and over and over. Tonight, I was getting dinner ready, and Sam did the entire Southwest all by himself. So impressive, my boy.

And by the way, looking at this, I feel totally justified thinking (until a few years ago, thanks to Joel's map of the world shower curtain) that Alaska was an island. I mean, every map we US kids ever see shows Alaska just like this. I think I figured out from the weather there that it is *not* right next to Hawaii... but how was I supposed to know it was ATTACHED TO CANADA??? :o


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