Saturday, September 16, 2006

In addition to doing a multitude of crazy other things, I really have been getting a lot of knitting done. I almost don't want the new TV season to start!

I grafted the sock I did in Disney-- and thanks to Carriellen, no donkey ears! I like the pattern a lot-- it's the More Fun Than Cables pattern, and I'm using Sockotta yarn, which I love the feel of, but these wide stripes of color just don't do it for me. I will say though that even just trying it on for the picture got me in the mood for handknit sock weather to arrive... I will start the 2nd sock tomorrow, so I can work on it Monday on the train to NYC-- I'm meeting Leora for lunch!

I'm on a hunt for Regia Silk in charcoal gray, to make a solid pair for Jonathan. Do they not sell this in the US? I may just have to order a LOT of it, to justify shipping from a Canadian site.

I also finished the front of the Svale sweater, and started the sleeves. I also ordered (among other things) Svale in pink to make a sweater for the baby, and in a khaki/beige color to make a sweater for Sam... it just feels SO nice. Webs is just loving me.

And then, today, I found these at a town-wide garage sale in Metuchen!

Gotta love garage sales of people who teach knitting. Most of the magazines were free-- the pattern books were 25 or 50 cents each. She had some Plymouth Encore for a quarter a skein, but I really really REALLY don't need un-assigned yarn right now, so let it pass.


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