Friday, September 01, 2006

At least now there's a reason why the orange blanket is staying the same size. It's been in the trunk of my car for a few days while I knit obsessively on the sweater.

I took pictures outside last night (or was it yesterday morning? or this morning?) Anyway- at some point, it was light out, so I took pictures of the sweater-in-progress outside to give a truer representation of the color. Nice, right?

Sam came outside with me to help, and got upset that he wasn't in the pictures. Smart little dude-- figured out a way to make sure he was included!

Then suddenly the boy who does not wear what I knit decided this sweater should be for him. "I can wear this one soon?"

Wellll... not that one... but rest assured I'll be working on another one just for you :) (And yes, I'm fully aware he won't wear that one either)


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