Wednesday, September 13, 2006

Ack! It's not even 9:00 a.m. and I'm exhausted.

Today is Rachel Day at the office... so the plan was for me & Sam to make traditional "-Day" brownies last night. I also have a $10,000 Pyramid type game in my head that I need to get out onto paper so we can play for Rachel Day. No problem.

Then he comes home with a note from school that they're doing a project (making edible school buses) and the ingredients include twinkies... can I send a vegan alternative!?! (Why can't a school project ever include VEGETABLES??? Why are the ingredients twinkies, oreos, icing, twizzlers, and (eew) CheezIts?)

Jonathan is at a continuing education lecture last night...

SO... I stop with Sam on the way home to find Twinkie pans... none at the first store, none at the 2nd store... fortunately, they had a mini-loaf pan that I figured would be close enough, and supplies for injecting the filling into the Twinkies... bought it all, without the 40% coupon that we always have. Grr. Get home, make Sam dinner, eat dinner... then bake brownies with Sam (he's so cute when we bake), figuring the Twinkies would take more work & I'd do them after he went to bed.

Get Sam to bed... "I want you to lay down with me for a lot and lot of 5 minutes"... sure... EEK! Wake up 2 hours later on his floor, exhausted. Jonathan's home, hear funny highlights from dorky doctors at "Beyond Lubes: Treatments for Dry Eye"... now after midnight, hearing about lubes for 2 hours must have gotten Jonathan all riled up... or *something*... needless to say, no further baking got done...

OK... up at 7:30 this morning... sure, plenty of time to bake Vegan Twinkies... locate recipe...

Vegan Twinkies

Jennifer, I love you. You saved me. How did we live before the Internet???

Start noodles for the kid's lunch... pull out ingredients... all bowls/measuring utensils still dirty from last night's brownies... locate other ones... Sam wakes up mid-mixing, furious that I dare bake without him... appeased by promise to give him some batter (the highlight of vegan baking!)... wants oatmeal NOW (with NO apples, and NO bits!)... boil water for oatmeal... noodles done... Sam eating oatmeal... continue work on Twinkies, which at this point are going to be Twinkie-shaped cakes with no filling, because we're running late... I figure Sam won't miss the filling by the time they add oreos & twizzlers & icing... SHIT, we have no vegan white icing...

Twinkies in oven, Sam eating batter, send Jonathan out to the store for icing... wipe oatmeal off of Sam's face & out of his hair... attempt to wash yesterday's school-project tempera paint off his arms with a washcloth, rather than sending him back to school like a walking sandwich board that says "My Mommy Doesn't Bathe Me"... moderately successful. Sam dressed, Twinkie-shaped cakes done, lunch loaded into backpack, including special ball that he *had* to take to school, and pictures from Disney for him to show his friends... note written to teacher "Twinkie-type thing enclosed, vegan icing, feel free to share with other kids, Twizzlers & Oreos okay, use Wheat Thins instead of CheezIts"... Jonathan back & Sam out the door.

Whew. Okay, it's 8:50... dishes in dishwasher, and now all I need to do is get the Rachel game done, shower, and head to work.

Single moms, I salute you.

I told Jonathan I need the night off tonight... anyone want to hang out someplace and knit???


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