Tuesday, September 19, 2006

3 WIP's... 3 progress shots.

I think the orange blanket might be big enough. I was originally planning to trim it in some contrasting color, but I think because the edges are straight & the top/bottom have some wave to them, a trim wouldn't look good. Fringe is so... not. So, I may just end. Anti-climactic, if you ask me. The fact that I didn't settle into the pattern for the first couple of inches is glaringly evident to me... I'm hoping it will not be quite as evident to the mommy recipient. I trust the baby recipient won't care. But I hate to send something I could have done better.

I had a lovely afternoon in NYC with my friend Leora yesterday. I took the train into Manhattan, met Leora for lunch at a cute little vegan restaurant called Blossom, had a nice slow-paced lunch, walked in to Washington Square park, and just relaxed and chatted a bit before heading home. It was a nice break from everyday life. I worked on the 2nd sock on the train to & from.

And I am working on the sleeves for the green sweater. Considering a large box of yarn arrived at work today, I'm anxious to start new projects... but will try to control myself to finish something else before I do.


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