Friday, August 11, 2006

Works in Progress

I have been working on a couple of things in the last few months...

The first is a blanket for Amy's daughter Emily. Or maybe it's for Nina. Not sure. You may recall 2+ years ago (I forgive you if you don't, as I can't recall what I had for breakfast)... I was knitting a baby blanket for Amy's then-not-yet-born baby, Nina. Well... Nina is 2 now, and apparently her older sister Emily is stealing her blanket. SO... Amy asked (nicely) if I would make a blanket for Emily. I started another one (Entrelac Shawl, by Debbie Bliss, in Cashmerino Aran, yum) in blue.

I finished the entire body of the blanket, and have 46 of the 56 required edge triangles done.

Only truly crazed knitters understand that less than an hour away from finishing a huge project is just an absolutely perfect time to start another... and when evil Webs sent me their Valley Yarns catalog, and I couldn't resist the Mrs. Trombley's Crochet Blanket pattern, and then the yarn arrived so damn fast, well...

This is for my BOOB-friend Malinda's baby, due in December. She's in Australia, so it will be mid-summer when baby arrives. I think this cotton-microfiber blanket will be just perfect. Ack... I'm crocheting!

And speaking of... I guess I should mention my most significant work-in-progress...

Hey! Stop looking at my disgusting mirror & my unmade bed. Yes, I'm gross. But that's not the point. The belly! Look at the belly!

It's not made with yarn (we won't discuss what it *is* made of)... but it's cooking along, getting ever-closer to completion... a baby girl, due around Thanksgiving!!! (That's the real reason I didn't blog for a couple of months... I don't have a great track record with early pregnancy, so I don't like to talk about it, but yet don't think of much else, so it's hard)

Anyway, there you go. Maybe one day I'll tell you about our cool new employee.


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