Tuesday, August 29, 2006

I couldn't stay away from the knitting needles for long.

This sweater has been in my head for a long time. When I bought the yarn (6 skeins of Dale Svale), it was going to be plenty for a sweater for Sam. Of course, that was long before Sam needed sweaters in SIZE 4 (ack!). But although the yarn remained in my stash, the future sweater remained in my mind.

So, finally the sweater will make its way into existence...

It even has a matching hat! Hee! I don't design, really... but 3 hours on the (non-cordless!) phone with Dell Tech Support gave me some time to doodle... and this is what came out. Cool, right? For no particular reason, I'm making this one in 12 month size, so Cars-n-Trucks (that's what Sam wants to name his sister) could potentially wear it next year... but I may give this one away, and order more yarn to make a newborn size and a size 4, for Sam and C-n-T to wear this year.

I'm almost done with the back-- no one is more amazed than I that it actually looks like the sketch! I took a few pictures today, but they didn't come out great. I'll try again tomorrow.


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