Saturday, March 18, 2006

Well... here's the first of Sue's socks.

Isn't it artistic how I sprinkled brightly colored beads on the carpet, to provide just the right balance of color and whimsy? Oh wait, that's how the floor of my house looks these days. I can't believe it was my idea to give him the beads. It was cute at first... stringing them onto yarn, creating necklaces for himself and for Mommy to wear. Then the Y chromosome kicked in, I guess, and they became something to shovel into (and out of) the back of the dump truck. Slowly, they just became part of the landscape around here... which is usually fine... except if you try to go to the kitchen barefoot in the middle of the night... when it is not fine. But I ramble.

Note the blurriness in the bottom center of the photo. We loaned the camera to Sam's teachers (who couldn't seem to locate theirs) for Purim, and it hasn't been quite the same ever since. It was worth it, though, because they were able to accomplish something we have not been able to do... get Sam into most of his Pingu costume, and get a picture of him smiling in it. Hmmph.

We also have some cute photos of Sleeping Beauty (or one of those princess-types) picking her nose, and proof that daycare teachers take more pictures of their own kids than other people's. I have to say, though, Snapfish impressed me yet again. I uploaded the pictures about 8:30 Wednesday night... went to choose a shipping option for prints, and saw that "pick up at Walgreens" was an option... so I chose that, and lo and behold, at 7:30 the next morning, prints were there and ready for pickup. The per-print cost was a little bit more, but there was no shipping charge, so for these 15 pictures, it evened out. If you don't have a Snapfish account & want one, let me know... I get free pictures for referring you.

After a few days of blurry photos, I (ever the optometrist) decided that if I wiped the lens with a cotton cloth (fancy opto-term for "my t-shirt"), it could help... and it did.

So without further babbling, here is Emily's blanket:

Yes, Debbie Bliss's entrelac shawl, version 2, again with cashmerino aran, instead of baby cashmerino (if I'm going to knit a billion stitches, the blanket should at least be big enough to cover the baby). I know I loved knitting this the first time, and was thrilled with the result. But once again, as I was at the beginning of this project last time, I am in awe of the sheer number of stitches that will be required to finish this... but they're all good stitches.

And Sue, I haven't forgotten your poor cold other foot...


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