Sunday, March 26, 2006

Blanket progress continues.

I've finished the 3rd ball of yarn (out of 15), so I'm moving along at a good clip. I don't expect to keep up this pace, though.

Sam & I both had strep throat this week. We're both on antibiotics (yuck!)

I'm putting a lot of time into two presentations I'm giving this week-- one Wednesday for NJ Commission for the Blind staff, and a big one Sunday at Vision Expo. Yikes!

Sam went to his first real birthday party today-- very exciting stuff. One of the kids in his class had an upsherin-- combination 3rd birthday/first haircut party. There were easily 100 people there-- adults & kids. Most of the kids from Sam's class went. It was really fun-- for a big party, it was low-key, in an excellent way, and all of us had a great time. It was interesting to see all the kids interacting-- we don't really get to see that when we drop him off at school. It was also nice to get a chance to talk to some of the parents- more than a "hi" when we pass at drop-off and pick-up.


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