Sunday, February 26, 2006

Well, I'm clicking along, despite my first major screw-up.

I got confused on the directions for the neckline steek, and ended up with two useless 8 stitch x 3 row dangles on either side of the neck. However, the result seems to look okay-- the front is lower than the back (this photo might be the back!), and I hardly think the bear will suffer any discomfort from the extra stitches... and I have learned something for next time.

Lessons learned so far:
1. Fair isle is fun, and not nearly as complicated as it looks.
2. If you're using a post-it to keep your place on the chart, make sure the post-it is sticky.
3. Shetland Spindrift makes my face itch, but not enough to discourage me from using it.
4. Change colors mid-steek to avoid having to weave in ends later (BIG lesson)
5. Just because a project is small doesn't mean it's a perfect way to learn something. Clear directions help.
6. Steeks should never dangle in mid-air-- they are always connecting something to something else. In this case, the neck steek was supposed to bridge across behind all the front stitches put on a marker.
7. If you need help from the greater Internet knitting community, give them at least a few hours to answer before you make up your own way of doing something.

It is quite likely I'll be cutting armhole steeks tonight. ACK!!!


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