Sunday, February 12, 2006

We got back from San Diego last night-- a wonderful wonderful trip!

We did all of the requisite tourist-with-children activities. We went to the Wild Animal Park. This was a pretty cool place, with herds of African animals roaming about. Sam was not impressed-- the animals were too far away to register as "animals" in his mind. We were there for about 3 hours when he asked when we were going to San Diego to see the animals.

He liked the San Diego Zoo a bit more-- especially the pandas. He did seem a bit disappointed that the "Melmans" and the "Martys" were just sitting around eating, and not talking.

Legoland was his ULTIMATE favorite... he LOVED it there. The Lego stuff was pretty cool, and the whole place (although ridiculously expensive) was a lot of fun-- especially since he just met the 34" height requirement to go on all the rides! I have never seen my boy cry nearly as hard as he did when we had to leave-- he was just sobbing.

We also checked out the sea lions on the beach at La Jolla, got to see my friend Lori and her husband Joost, thoroughly enjoyed our meeting, and stayed two nights at the famous Hotel Del Coronado.

It was a big of a culture shock, leaving this on Saturday morning (yes, shadow-watchers, you are right... this was not a morning picture-- but you get the idea-- sun, nice weather, beach etc)...

And waking up to this on Sunday...

Right now, we're hoping that Sam's daycare is open tomorrow-- all of the public schools in the area are closed, so it's not looking so good, but Sam will be SO disappointed if he can't go-- he's been desperately missing his friends all week! We will also be freaking out a bit, because we need to get back to work to start catching up!

And in knitting news, the socks are not finished... but I do continue to make progress. After taking the photo, I knitted the heel flap & heel... gusset tomorrow, and they should be finished soon.


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