Friday, February 24, 2006

Too little, too late.

Maybe I should have researched steeks a bit *before* I started this project... because doesn't THIS just make all the sense in the world.

One of the coolest assets of a steek is the way it cunningly eliminates thousands of yarn tails when working a project with multiple color changes, most commonly experienced in cardigan, vest or flat fabric form. By changing colors mid-steek, (they may be knotted together to help maintain gauge) when you open the steek and neaten it back, all the knots and yarn tails are exterminated.

I hope it's not horrible infringement to steal a paragraph. The paragraph above is part of a steek-instructional from Lucy Neatby. (If I link to it twice, is that better?)

It probably is infringement. I'll paraphrase.

Change colors in the middle of the steek and you won't have to weave in all the freaking ends.

Wish I knew THAT at the beginning of this project.

Hey Joel, where are you? Knee-deep in packing boxes?


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