Wednesday, February 22, 2006

Much knitting. Much knitting.

Gary's socks are done. I took pictures & sent them off yesterday. Now I can obsess over whether he'll realize that hand-knit socks are the ultimate expression of gratitude from this knitter, or whether he'll just think I'm a freak.

Only time will tell.

Then, inspired by Kirsti, I picked up Threadybear again.

I really like this knitting. Unfortunately, knitting with this wool makes my face itch. It's worth it, though, I think. I have about 15 rows to go to get to the top of the sweater... I'm starting to panic about cutting the steeks. I have done absolutely no steek-related research, so I can't even imagine taking a scissor to this, let alone think about where I will pick up the stitches, and what will happen to the stitches that I cut. Hopefully by the weekend, I will be ready to give it a shot.


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